Rules/ Guidelines for MIG Association with StemTech (English)

1) Free Agent. For your own protection, amongst other reasons, I normally prefer disassociated from other direct sales businesses, most  particularly from Herbalife.  Not only is my philosophy clearly almost completely contrary to much of their history and philosophy.  I foresee based on principles and natural law, very unpleasant things coming their way at some point in the near future.  See the expository Blomberg video in English. Assuming you are fluent in English, my thinking should be clear.

In addition, Herbalife Admin, and many of the so called top people, John Tartol, Alan Lorenz, John Peterson, Geri Cvitanovich, Leslie Stanford, Dorin Andry, amongst others, are both Cultish and condemnatory in character.  Cultish in that particularly this people in varying position of power, will personally and financially 'Date Rape" or publicly/personally ostracize any party that is not completely brainwashed to their plans and agendas. Condemnatory is that they will say and do negative things to bring harm to existing distributors and their families.  Being and knowing victims of what M. Scott Peck defined as definitive Evil was troubling enough. they will use their power to punish.  I prefer to leave people out that have any association to Herbalife, simply at least to protect from harm.  Should you or your wish to move ahead with me, or with StemTech, and still have an association, particularly to Herbalife, anonymity, is critical.

Two last points. One is a paraphrase from M. Scott Peck, author of some of the best selling self help books of all time.  The three I find spectacular at