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MIG Philosophy Applied to  the StemTech Health Sciences Opportunity
January European Tour Dates
StemTech Action Plan Advisory  
Step 1.  Exposure Christian Drapeau Video

Step 2. Jason Video Introduction to StemTech.
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Marketing Plan simple concepts, with downloadable pdf. document on the compensation plan.
Step 3

Enroll and/or Order Stem Enhance.
See what millions of more Adult Stem Cells (A.S.C.)  can do for your health and vitality. Taking two or more pantented Stem Enhance, causes the bones of your body to increase the amount of Adult Stem Cells by up tpo 30%, or 2.5 to 5 Million Adittional A.S.C.  In addition, 2 capsules also contain app[roximately 10 mg's of newly discovered P.E.A. - What scientists call "the Love Molecule" providing feelings of mental clarity and wellbeing.  An amount above 8 Mg's per dosage is considered a natural anti-deppressant amount.  People also report dramatic improvments in joint pain or with joint health.

 Your Best asset is really seeing what and how Stem Enhance improves your health and mental well being!!    Again, my website location is www.jasonmcd.stemtechbiz.com . If you enroll, you may oder product and conduct business development in about 10 countries, and all of the E.U.and conduct business  as people may enroll anywhere in the world and revieve their own website location, which track and follows all that happens. 

I recomend choosing a name that is easy to remember, hard to forget, and thet you could put on business cards, flyers, or email easily.  I chose "JasonMcD" what ever you choose, if it is available, your site location will be "yourchoice"@Stemtechbiz.com.  It is an international site that has different languages for different countries. check it out for your self!!!

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MIG Basics
Personal Example is our Mantra
We are Positive Producers, Leading by Example
We attempt kindness, living a 4 Points Empowerment Philosophy (MIG Core)
Our Goal is earning and being Trustworthy = C+C (cross of Competence and Character)
Building Fun Simple Loving Easy Respectful
We Strive for Personal Standards
We attempt to reward what we want repeated

We recognize  right or effective actions by others and self.
Others covered in Leadership Training
MIG- Developed and Refined by Jason McDowell and friends/partners, and his Team of Principle based Leaders from Around the world.

Get Windows Media PlayerIf You want to proceed, learn more, advance, you have two choices in my opinion. Contact me, and or see what I have and formulate your own opinion.  To Proceed


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