Herbalife Info Video by Jason McDowell
Historical Preview/Disclaimer to proceed

Warning, the video below, is controversial in content, contains explicit information.  It should not be watched by members of Herbalife or Cult members wanting to remain associated with that firm.  As a 14 year, 4 diamond former President's Team, and personally selected to be on the European/Global Board of Directors/ Consultants, Strategy and Planning "A" Team, I am based on my experience and relations with Top Leaders, Mark Hughes, Dr Richard Marconi, Dr. David Katzin, former Head of Security, and Mark Hughes best friend, David Martin, relaying, in English a summary of experience and forthcoming with my best guesses on Herbalife Antics, particularly since Mark Hughes Died in May, 2000.

By clicking the below, you agree to hold all parties harmless, especially me, Jason McDowell, harmless of any and all that you will see, read or hear on the following video. Click "I Agree" to proceed.


Jason McDowell, November, 2009

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