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Forward- While I affirm your innate, right to do as you please, many viewing this are looking for guidance. These are my suggestions that I  believe will broaden your perspective and give depth to your "Well" of thoughts on the matter.  I, in general, believe that the courses of actions I have taken, will ideally, lead you to similar conclusions.  Do as your heart and head dictates, and follow your own instincts.  I believe in you.  Education is the objective. Balance is a key here.

Initial Exposure (English)

1) See the Video by Christian Drapeau, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, StemTech International. I saw and reviewed this several times. (in English)

2) See and internalize my Initial Video. It was made in Bavaria Germany a week after I got on StemTech's Stem Enhance, 2 weeks before my severe auto accident that nearly took my life and left me in a "coma" for more than a month.  It is good enough, and in English.
www. (English version)

3) If Appropriate Use Stem Enhance to;

4) Develop your own results and create Story or Personal Testimonial; a critical, Fundamental element in your overall;

5) Position Of Strength.  Your knowledge combined with Personal Experience (yours and OPE- Other Peoples Experience) work together to supply you with the elements pivotal and prerequisite of Leadership; V.C.A. It has been long recognized that leaders uniformly possess and exhibit 3 general primary characteristics or traits, amongst others. I will elaborate on this more in training, online or in Leadership schools.  VCA stands for;

Vision.  Visionaries can see in advance possibilities or the future to come, of what others, often cannot. Leaders develop vision from their education and experience relative to the topic of their study. Vision is also a fundamental factor in motivation. "The desire to do, comes from the knowledge that we can do". James Allen wrote that profound and far reaching truth in what I consider one of the best books on life, success, and human achievement ever written, titled "As A Man Thinketh".  I could not recommend highly enough, acquiring that book, in you language, if possible.  It is a profound book I have partly internalized, and refer to often, since my early twenties.  Let it enrich and refine your thinking and personal philosophy, with it's timeless wisdom. I have a recommended list of approximately a half dozen key books I consider fundamental reading/pondering material in development of conventional wisdom, character and in cultivating an effective, working personal philosophy. Email me should you care for my list. Next is that Leaders exhibit;

Confidence. Leaders trust in themselves and in their perspectives. They believe in their ability to learn and their ability process information effectively. More later.

Action .  Leaders are able to act effectively, and consistently, in a manner that moves them towards their targets, goal and objectives. They are self motivated. Again education and experience fuel this desired capacity resulting in acquiring Vision, feeling and attitudes of Confidence, married with disciplined, persistent, well seasoned, wise and effective, congruent and consistent Action.