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Christian Drapeau, is the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, StemTech Health Sciences. (~10 minutes, English)

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I would review the below link to see the direction I am going with StemTech.
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Well, Well,

Thanks to Sandra K. manager, and one of the Queen Bee's For Europe, who found and sent me the link to see both products videos around Stem Enhance.  Below is a direct link to the one that after 4 or 5 times of seeing it, I thought "If what Christian is Saying is True (in the below video), even remotely, Stem Enhance would be by far the most significant nutritional element brought to market ever..."

I would watch it (the video) a few to several times depending on your English skills.  I will write more later and am working on some other influence products around it, in English and German.  The fact that Stem Enhance Product, and the StemTech business opportunity is in varying degrees available in the E.U., far surpasses anything I have seen in my lifetime.  Below is the original video that I saw just prior to my accident, which began to give me hope again. You actually want to copy and  paste this link into your address bar if clicking it does not open it. To do this manually highlight the below link, put the cursor over it, right click and choose "copy", then put cursor in address bar in new window, then right click and choose "paste". Hit enter. Christians video will then start in Internet explorer.
My other link of main importance is  it is my location.

The UK StemTech number is Other: +442072655590, ask for Sandra kaizicscaite, or Sandra Beehre. They will help you and know me and are great.

Love, Jason

Read the Rest FYI- is an older email.  What ever you think is always great with me!

There are other links that are more opportunity oriented. The one Sandra K just sent me is  if you click on "Product Introductory Overview" which is in red with blue background, that is the new one, and fabulous.  The one next to Christian's photo, that says in Yellow ;

of Product co-inventor Christian Drapeau    
giving an overview of StemEnha
(Video Duration: 9 Minutes)

I love that one personally. I like the Humility and logic, amongst other things.

I will put out a video myself in the next days, of course, subject to approval from the powers that be.

My friends, I will just say this. If there was ever a product to use for your health and mental well being, I believe Stem Enhance is it.  It does at least 3-4 things proven by science in the labs. Most significantly is that it does something that causes your bones to increase the amount of Adult Stem Cells circulating in your body by an average of 25-30%. This equates to 2-5 MILLION more Adult Stem Cells, considered "Master Cells" to do their primary jobs of repair, regeneration, and renewal.  I see it as like taking a natural product that causes your own bones to produce the equivalent of a "Fountain of Youth". There are also much said about the naturally occurring P.E.A. in Stem Enhance, and the effect on mental well being, clarity, etc.

Anyhow. see the above videos, and decide for yourself. 

I am gifted tremendously to have these products, and managed by people whose character I find trustworthy.  I feel like the regeneration of the world is before me. How fortunate I am.  I will create and put out tools for business and leadership development shortly that will be exclusively available to mz team members.  There is a whole philosophical set of ideal and principles under the MIG name.  Striving to live by those principles and guidelines, built the most solid, ongoingly profitable, long term, business organization, on the planet, to me. I am supremely proud to give my very best to StemTech, and it's top notch staff. Co-Founders Ray Carter, and Christian Drapeau, not too mention fabulous former Herbalife VP's Heather Livingston, Andy Goodwin, amongst many others. 

I wish you and yours, the very best, all the seasons of life.  Join me, and let me work on making your dreams come true.

Happy Holidays,

Jason Morris McDowell

P.S.  My link to my website is 
email me if your on my team or for questions.

Happy Holidays 


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