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About the Auto Accident. October 5th, 2008
Notes written June 19th, 2010 in Des Moines, Washington, USA.

Dear Aqauintance (friend), I am somewhere on this Planet, luckily still above ground and breathing!! Many know, I fell Asleep driving, a half maile from home in Bavaria, Germany, and sustained a severe accident, unseatbelted, I, in mygolf went sideways into tree. I was alone, it was late (about midnight or so).  A driver by saw the wreck, called police, which on sight ordered a rescue Helicopter. I was cut out, unconsious, and flown to Gross Hadern emergency hospital in Munich.

 According to Munich's best neurodoctors (brain Dr.s), I had a crushed skull. A report I read said Hematoma with 4 cracks in the skull, that were 3 mm. or larger.  Specialists removed approximately the right third or so of my skull, to allow for swelling, healing, etc.  My collar bone was also broken.

Apparently I had four skull related operations between October 5, and Novenber 6th, when my skull bone was reinserted.  I opened my eyes and have some limited conscienceness approximately the third week in November.

I spent a month, comming out of the coma, and being weaned off the medications and blood thinners administered me previously.  I recall well this month.  I was in a rocery ward at a Hospital called Haar, more specifically Muenchen Klinikum Ost (Basically translates to Munich East Clinic). Most paitients I saw or met were recovering stroke victims.  A was aware most of the month. I was put through increasingly challenging mental and physical tests, Like computer tests (brain, mental) and Stationary bikes (physical).